Emerald Lake Lodge

    pc angelina lake

    Just outside of Banff National Park is a cozy lakeside hideaway that, most likely, has found its way on your Instagram feed– and for good reason. This postcard gem of a hideaway is perched perfectly next to Emerald Lake, one of the most vivid colored lakes of glacier melt gorgeously making the water appear (to the natural eye–unfiltered) an aqua emerald blue.
    emerald lake lodge

    emerald lake lodge

    Cross the bridge and enter Emerald Lake Lodge or head to your private balcony and cozy up with the vintage lodge vibes.  Our room had our own wood burning fireplace and a balcony with stunning lake views. Each morning, I loved snuggling up with a cozy cuppa watching the fog dissipate before swatting up for the day.

    Go for a hike around Emerald Lake, there were two moose sightings during my time at the lodge but be aware of avalanche zones if you are exploring  November to June. Maybe fill up a thermos full of something delicious and rent a canoe at the boathouse and explore Emerald Lake, jewel of the Canadian Rockies!
    emerald-lake-lodge-yoho-national-park-yoho-national-park-british-columbia-101389-3img_1421-2fire emerald lake lodgeemerald lake lodgeYoho national park
    There is actually a song written after this lake. (Emerald Lake, AB by Said The Whale) It’s perfect for a morning road trip!  You can check out my Road trip To Banff Spotify Playlist here.

    Venue: Emerald Lake Lodge
    Location: Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park A.B
    Time Of Year: Early October
    Insider Tips: I highly recommend staying two nights during the week as on Saturday the area gets flooded with tourists. It takes away from the peaceful beauty…

    • Plan to unplug– wifi is only available in the lodge (Take in the surroundings) and it is spotty at best
    • This is a lodge, this isn’t The Ritz-Carlton but the views are everything and that makes it amazing 
    • Bring snacks and wine for your room!

    Learn more about Emerald Lake Lodge

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