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Christmas in Maine is a festive time. I love seeing the glow of Christmas decorations with the sparkling snow. I was incredibly spoiled to grow with such an awesome family so close to the ocean and the mountains.  I do have one caveat about Maine— it is really fucking cold. So, to combat seasonal depression you need to get in the spirit of Christmas, bundle up, and go skiing. (OR you can pretend you are Santa by insulting yourself with multiple down jackets) And after a day of hitting the slopes you can always cozy up by a fire with some hot cocoa! Here are some snapshots of my Holiday:

winter in mainechristmas in maineMy dad and I decided to make a massive snowman in our front yard a few days before Christmas. We had so much fun building it, we brought the ladder out– and then it turned into, “Let’s make this thing massive!”  We kept laughing during the process, no matter how old you are the spirit of Christmas will find a way! My Dad always says something like that. I’m really grateful I was lucky enough to get a Dad like him.  After a warmer day,  Frosty started to melt a little and was leaning toward the right, everyone joked he looked a little drunk– but he lasted the season!

“Does anyone know where the Patron is? …Frosty!” 😉
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Merry Christmas To You <3

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