In the summer months the east end of Long Island is so incredibly charming. The combination of sweetness and the salty air invites memories of my childhood and the holidays that have passed. I’ve been really lucky to be able to spend as much time as I have on Long Island this year, in particularly with my grans! Who are such wonderful ladies and I’m blessed to be able to make some wonderful memories with them!

If you are heading to the Hamptons and are looking for and advice on where to go and what to do. You first need to decide what fork you will be spending your time on. There is the North Fork and the South Fork, and you absolutely can do both. The most east point on the north fork is Orient Point– which you can take the cross island ferry to New London, CT.  Highly encouraged as the traffic is horrendous as it bottlenecks from rt 25 and rt 27 (Montauk Highway) to 495. The most east point of the south fork is Montauk Point (the gorgeous lighthouse pictured).  If you are driving down to the South Fork, stop off at the Hampton Coffee Company (RT 27) in South Hampton and grab a caramel iced latte. They are delish! My other favorite cafe is the Montauk Bake Shoppe but that far east down the south fork. They have the most delicious macaroons in the world. (Sorry Laduree) The mint & red velvet are my immediate pick-me-up! Also, there is a killer burrito joint right in that plaza! YUM!  But before you get all the way down Montauk stop at the new Serena and Lilly Beach Market on RT 27 before East Hampton. From adorable home textiles, to darling folding chairs it could be dangerous on your wallet but so worth it! The best thing about summer on the Hamptons is all the farmer stands that are selling local produce. A personal favorite of my is Vicki’s Veggies– if you are headed down RT 27 E– it is just past East Hampton. Speaking of East Hampton– that’s where the boutique shopping is and many lovely restaurants! Which, the restaurant scene requires another post in it self!

The best thing about Long Island is that it is roughly 20 miles wide so the ocean and the bays are always a short drive away. Take advantage of the gorgeous beaches, and all the wonderful things to do outside! If you are on the hunt for some ocean jewels, Orient Point has some of the best sea shells around!

grand fathers peonies


My grandfather died 21 year ago and his peonies come back every year!

Made my gran and I cry when they started to bloom this year. <3


Laughing with my Dad & Gran


Dad and I enjoying the Long Island wine trail 😉


Glorious East Hampton Traffic…


Bikers Event in May

orient point

Orient Point, North Fork


Orient Point


Vicki’s Veggies

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