Why I’m giving up the GYM!

After a semi-unhealthy summer of drinking and eating shit (let’s be real)… My post-summer health binge hits me like clockwork.

But that is the problem, its a binge and it doesn’t last. SO I’ve decided this year I’m going to make it more sustainable and I’m sharing my healthy lifestyle journey here.

I’m generally a very good eater. My Hunny is a paleo fanatic and I’ve adopted (SOME) of those practices but for me the food aspect is the smaller of the two battles.

I struggle the most with routine. Unfortunately, (or fortunately) I didn’t get the gene that enjoys/prefers routine. I get bored quickly, or I consume myself so fully in something that burn out rates are high.
I enjoy running but I find that the treadmill every workout is not at all motivating.  So, to combat gym mundaneness or workout boredom, I’m going to be trading up the gym for outdoor activities such as biking, kayaking, paddle boarding, beach walking, swimming (indoors), & hiking. I also really enjoy barre classes, and I’m going to be exploring other types of fitness classes, yoga, and free weight training.

I kind of overdosed on yoga back in 2010 so instead of getting back into it heavily, which I already know I won’t.  I’ve adopted my own morning ‘vinyasa yoga’ stretching and breathing routine to make sure my posture and body is getting a good stretch everyday.

SO folks, lets lace up our sneakers and get outdoors! Help a sister out and share what motivates you!

outdoor fitness

outdoor fitness

fall fitness IMG_6343Beach Stretching

Funny Video:  BUT if you dislike ‘swear’ words, don’t watch! (explicit)

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