Grace and Flow

grace and flow

I find myself down. I search for some kind of spark but inspiration ceases to ignite.  I’m thinking about nothing and somehow everything is colliding in my brain. I try to type it out on blank space. With each inscribed character that appears before the blinking line– I think to myself about the unwritten things– or better, the drafts that are written and erased. For me its a battle of ego and intuition. Ego is loud and impulsive– wants to steal the attention, no matter the light. While my intuition is soft and graceful– but steadfast.  It maneuvers the way to my brain with ease and poise. “Ah, I see the light.”
All days can’t be days of grandeur.

With grace and flow,

                  Ups and downs make it all go round ☯

grace and flowgrace and flow prouts neckgrace and flow serenity rocks{ Prouts Neck, Maine }

☾may balance be with you☽


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