Road Warriors

Often times in life, the best medicine can be found by taking a good ole’ fashioned road trip. A spontaneous jaunt can do wonders for the mind, body, & soul. Getting out in nature, the journey of riding and rambling, the shared excitement of an old throw back song… It bonds life together. Sometimes we can forget who we are or who we’ve got, and there is nothing like an open road to open your mind & heart.

Utah travelDavid, Taco, and I just got back from a spontaneous road trip to Utah. We had planned on Las Vegas in part for our careers, but Utah was unplanned. It felt so good to just go, reset our coordinates, and let living in the moment–be the guide. Bryce Canyon National Park had been on our bucket list for a while so when we saw that it was four hours from Las Vegas we figured, why the hell not?
bryce canyon UTAH adventure12080279_641171902692731_4562057117490199614_o
Bryce canyon adventures 12045328_641171852692736_5025471840802647387_oMy whip is always equipped for adventure, so luckily we already had the essentials (tent, cooler, pillow, etc.). But after a few minutes of research, we found sweet little teepees at Ruby’s Inn right outside of Bryce Canyon National Park. The little cabins were all booked up, but teepees ($40 a night) were available and you get your own little site. We didn’t end up staying there but when we go back, we absolutely are planning on it. The proximity is prime and the stars were unreal.

Taco Cat accompanied us on our adventure and he was a real hit on the trails. I felt like a fucking mental cat person but it was hilarious. #neverleaveamanbehind

12068856_641171712692750_4380715014794303608_otaco cat bryce canyon adventureWe wanted to find the Mossy Trail waterfall, but ended up getting a little lost before hand. It ended up being an awesome little excursion going through the quaint little towns bordering these gorgeous rock formations, but this trail is within the National Park and is only a few minutes away from Sunrise Point.

bryce canyon12087162_641172102692711_2700522190475234002_o
Life is all of its glorious chaos, is hectic and at times can get straight fucking mental.  Maybe you wake up and decide today is the day.  Charge up your old second generation iPod, pack up your coche de carro, swat up with your partner in crime and hit the road. I’d love to see where it takes you…

bryce canyon national park utah national park

monument valley
bryce canyon water fall

Long road to Monument Valley, USA



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