A taste of New England during the mid-summer shine.


New England Maine

Beached Canoe | Scarborough, Maine


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Sea Nymph at Low Tide | Scarborough, Maine




How does your heart feel when you take a deep breath? I don’t mean generally or emotionally, I mean right now– physically. Can you articulate it? I don’t know what I am but I know I am. I am, I am, I am. We carry invisible weight on our shoulders and time is only moving faster. Weeks fly. Terabytes of invisible weight build up, can you see what really matters? Don’t let it block your sight because its not real.  And just like that– you let it go. Celebrate each wave, each flicker, each sunset, the wind through the grass. ↞( bottle that sound.) Add it to top shelf and stroll down Memory Lane.  You gaze over at your other favorites–mostly laughter fills those jars. Stories, moments, voices. The real shit. Direct strings to your heart. Dad’s laugh, my cats pur, sleepy david, the frogs at night, drives with your best friends– hand out the window flowing with the breeze…  A nod to nostalgia. A reminder for gratitude. —A Maine Moment.

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