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Korakia Pensione

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Are you aching to be transported to a vibrant culture a world away but need to stay close to home? Plan to visit a destination B&B, The Korakia Pensione. This boutique hotel in Palm Springs, California provides an intimate sensory experience where peace & romance flourish. Warm sunny days spent poolside cool down at night allowing you and your loved one to cozy up by the fire under the stars. The flickering glow from the hand-cut lanterns guiding you to curious corners where intimate daybeds are placed under a canopy of magenta flowers. A perfect space to read during daylight and to stargaze at twilight.  Relaxation is everywhere, just close your eyes and listen to the water flowing softly from the fountains.  Take those steps down to the library lounge and play a classic on the old fashioned record player. Maybe even slow dance in the courtyard?

The ambiance at Korakia Pensione will draw you in and get your blood pumping. The juxtaposition of Moroccan & Mediterranean style strikes a gorgeous balance with the bordering San Jacinto Mountains, just West of the villas.  Soak in the Orchard House master bathtub and see why Forbes Traveler named Korakia one of the “Sexiest Hotels in America.”

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